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The Monkey and the donkey

Once upon a time there was a monkey swinging in the trees. The only thing the monkey liked doing was swinging in the trees and eating bananas. He was very, very lazy. Then there was a cranky donkey. He always had to work. He was fit and thin and his favourite thing was nothing. He never got time to think of his favourite thing. One day the donkey was working and the monkey was eating bananas. The donkey trotted along and bumped into the monkey. The donkey was so angry that he butted the monkey hanging from the tree. The monkey got a shock and screamed so loudly that the whole world could hear him. Then there was a big stampede of crabs. They were running really fast! The monkey got out his safety suit and held up a stop sign. He yelled “Stop stampede!” So the crabs all dropped their swords and suits of armour with their mouths open. The crabs stopped and magically turned into water. Now we know that in all waters there are different types of crabs. The donkey and the monkey? They ended up best friends. The cranky donkey turned into a happy donkey! Now he knows that his favourite thing is drinking cups of coffee every morning! The monkey is not lazy any more, he helps the donkey work! Now they like being best friends!