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Corti the Rhino


Once upon a time in the heart of Africa there lived a rhinoceros named Corti. Although he was a big rhino, he was very shy. Every morning he would go down to the waterhole to drink and then feast on the raspberries and blueberries that grew wild around the waterhole. His friends were the small birds that rode on his back, but apart from them, he didn’t know anyone else not even his own kind. One morning while drinking at the waterhole he decided that he would travel to the other side to eat berries. But to get to the other side he had to go through the forest which was dark and scary, but he was going to be brave. He made his way into the forest amongst the tall trees, some looked like scary monsters, but he kept going. When he was about half way through he heard a voice calling for help. He slowly crept up and peered through the trees and there caught in a poacher’s net lay a mighty creature, one Corti had never seen before. He started to back away but he stepped on a twig and it snapped the creature heard and called for him.
“Help, please help,” he said.
Corti was a little afraid but he walked up to the mighty creature.
“What are you?” he asked.
“I’m an elephant, my name is Eddie,” he replied.
“Can you help me out of this net?” he asked Corti.
“I think so,” Corti replied.
Corti began to chew through the net with his sharp teeth and soon the elephant was free. Corti was terrified when Eddie rose to his feet, he was huge. Eddie noticed his uneasiness and told him not to fear him as one good favour deserves another. Eddie reached into a bag he had strapped around his neck and pulled out a tusk.
“Here this is for you,” he said.
“What am I suppose to do with it?” asked Corti.
“I don’t really know,”“ replied Eddie.
“Why don’t you put it at the end of your nose, then every animal in Africa will know not to mess with you,” suggested Eddie.
As soon as Corti put the tusk to his nose something magical happened, it became apart of him and as hard as he tried it wouldn’t come off. He peered down his nose at it and quiet like what he saw. When he looked up the elephant was gone. He decided to go on to the other side. When he finally reached the clearing he was amazed at what he saw. There eating berries and other shrubs were animals of every kind, ones he had never seen before. But there amongst the raspberries he saw a beautiful animal like himself. He noticed that it had no horn, but there was also something else different, it was a girl. From that day on every baby Rhinoceros eventually grew a mighty horn right at the end of its nose and every animal knew not to mess with them.